Cities Near Clarks Hill - Strom Thurmond Lake, Georgia, US
City / Town Name Population County State
Abbeville 13,506 Abbeville County SC
Abbeville McCormick County SC
Anderson Abbeville County SC
Appling 20,708 Columbia County GA
Appling McDuffie County GA
Augusta 91,086 Columbia County GA
Belton Abbeville County SC
Boneville McDuffie County GA
Bowman 2,518 Elbert County GA
Bradley Abbeville County SC
Bradley McCormick County SC
Calhoun Falls 3,337 Abbeville County SC
Calhoun Falls McCormick County SC
Clarks Hill 966 McCormick County SC
Crawfordville Wilkes County GA
Dearing 4,446 McDuffie County GA
Dewy Rose 2,349 Elbert County GA
Donalds 6,166 Abbeville County SC
Due West 1,631 Abbeville County SC
Elberton 16,658 Elbert County GA
Evans 25,440 Columbia County GA
Greenwood Abbeville County SC
Grovetown 16,744 Columbia County GA
Harlem 27,516 Columbia County GA
Harlem McDuffie County GA
Hodges Abbeville County SC
Honea Path Abbeville County SC
Iva Abbeville County SC
Lincolnton 79,190 Lincoln County GA
Lincolnton McDuffie County GA
Lincolnton Wilkes County GA
Lowndesville 132 Abbeville County SC
Mc Cormick 29,528 McCormick County SC
Modoc 914 McCormick County SC
Mount Carmel 273 McCormick County SC
Norwood McDuffie County GA
Parksville 231 McCormick County SC
Plum Branch 2,354 McCormick County SC
Rayle 2,164 Wilkes County GA
Royston Elbert County GA
Stapleton McDuffie County GA
Thomson 33,600 McDuffie County GA
Thomson Columbia County GA
Tignall 4,164 Wilkes County GA
Tignall Lincoln County GA
Troy McCormick County SC
Ware Shoals Abbeville County SC
Washington 8,085 Wilkes County GA

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